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Garden Elementary School School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

Garden Elementary School

PBIS Rewards allows Garden Elementary to have a fully online PBIS store, with photos of each item available and its point value. Students love to log in on Fun Friday!

Students aren’t the only ones being recognized, either. Administrators recognize teachers for promoting PBIS and using PBIS Rewards.

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George Washington High School School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

George Washington High School

Since implementing PBIS Rewards in 2019, George Washington High School has seen higher attendance rates and greater academic achievement, with more students on the honor roll.

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Cook Middle School School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

Cook Middle School

All of this buy-in and positivity had a ripple effect across the entire school. The broad reach of the program contributed to both improved school culture and community and a 22% reduction in behaviors leading to office referrals.

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School Eleven - Clifton, NJ School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

School Eleven - Clifton, NJ

PBIS Rewards made it easier to recognize students. Staff members love PBIS Rewards and it’s always visible on classroom SmartBoards.

Now, teachers go out of their way to not only recognize their students but their fellow teachers, as well. Each month, staff at School 11 give recommendations for GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Awards, recognizing one another in PBIS Rewards’ teacher recognition feature.

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Jessup Elementary School School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

Jessup Elementary School

Jessup Elementary School allows its students to develop positive habits and behaviors in various settings. Their PBIS matrix establishes three core values: safe, responsible, and respectful. To help staff maximize the school’s PBIS initiative, Jessup leverages technology with PBIS Rewards.

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RISE Academy School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

RISE Academy

RISE Academy has been a PBIS Rewards school since the school’s inception in 2017. The school uses PBIS Rewards to promote positive student behavior and academic success, all while holding students accountable to three PBIS expectations: Being Respectful, Responsible, and Remarkable.

Additionally, RISE incorporates PBIS Rewards’ SEL/Status check-in component each day to assess students’ social and emotional well-being.

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Wright Junior High School School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

Wright Junior High School

For a new school establishing standards for their culture and climate, PBIS Rewards streamlines and simplifies the process. All the information is at the fingertips of staff and admin, allowing them to make informed decisions about adjustments to the initiative.

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Clint Independent School District School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

Clint Independent School District

Located in El Paso, Texas, Clint ISD is one of the Top 100 districts in student population, out of more than 1,200 districts in the state. Their Heart-First framework to create a socially and emotionally safe environment for students involves participation from both staff and families.

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Huron Elementary School School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

Huron Elementary School

Join us for a conversation with Huron Elementary School near Fresno, California. Learn how the school built teacher buy-in for their PBIS initiative, created PBIS success virtually, and connects with parents, many of whom do not speak English.

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Movelle Primary School School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

Movelle Primary School

Movelle Primary School is located in Brimbank, Australia and serves students from Prep to Year Six, typically known as K-6 in America. Learn more about how Movelle moved past a manual system to embrace digital management of their initiative, profoundly changing their school’s culture along the way.

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Parklane Elementary School School Spotlight - PBIS Rewards

Parklane Elementary School

As one of the hundreds of schools in the metro Atlanta area, Parklane Elementary School is a small, family-oriented school. Watch our conversation with members of their PBIS team to learn how they were able to maintain positivity even as the school environment changed during the Covid pandemic.

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Kristine Eichholz - PBIS Rewards Review

"Our high school has tried many different tools to help reinforce positive behaviors, with varying degrees of success. We started using PBIS Rewards in our classrooms and it has been a lifesaver. Our kids are excited to know how many points they have accumulated, love to buy items in our store, and appreciate being positively recognized in a quick, easy, and meaningful way."


- Kristine Eichholz, Principal
Harwood Career Preparatory High School

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