What Is It?

PBIS Rewards is an affordable school-wide PBIS management system that assists schools in the area of Primary Prevention by making it quick and easy to continuously reward students for meeting behavior expectations.


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Teachers and staff reward students with points with a simple click of their smartphone anytime students are observed following behavior expectations regardless of where it takes place. In the classroom, teachers can use a web browser and the PBIS Rewards Group feature to award points from their desk!


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Everything is tracked and recorded. We make it easy for students to know their account balance and we make it easy for schools to manage every aspect of the program. And the system reports show how teachers are using the program so that your school can identify where additional staff training or feedback may be needed.


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Students can redeem their points for items, privileges, and attendance at events – all through PBIS Rewards. The integrated store and event management system makes it easy to facilitate purchases and event check-ins through a web-based application or through the app. And the web-based interface supports the use of 2D barcode scanners to make it even easier for your staff.


No more fumbling around with torn up papers, cutting out reward documents, or keeping track of mountains of tickets…
digitize your PBIS incentives with PBIS Rewards!


How It Works

Powerful and easy to use PBIS App with your smartphone

Give Points

Easily reward students for positive behavior with the PBIS Rewards App.

Or rewards students from the My Groups page on the Web Portal!


A good PBIS program is one that can adapt to your school’s ever-changing needs and provide a wealth of data for the improvement of your system. PBIS Rewards add-ons are ways to extend the functionality of the school-wide incentives solution to further support the fidelity of your PBIS program. Add-ons are licensed annually and available for school-wide implementation through seamless integration with the PBIS Rewards solution.

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What Our Teachers Say

PBIS Rewards reviews from teachers and administrators that use PBIS Rewards in their school.

"My teachers now have a tool to use to reinforce positive behavior, which is better than just teaching concepts. They are much more relaxed and in control of their classroom environment with PBIS Rewards."

- Dr. Houseal

DAFFODIL Preschool
"PBIS Rewards has made it possible for me to strengthen relationships with my students."

- Lori Stahl

8th Grade Teacher
McGary Middle School
"PBIS Rewards has truly placed the focus on positive behavior within our school. Students are motivated by earning points and are often going above and beyond with positive behavior in order to maximize earnings. The implementation of PBIS Rewards has created an incentive system that youth are highly bought in to and are always wanting to know of their status in!"

- Kenneth Walker

Director of Operations
Monument Academy
"We are experiencing much success with PBIS Rewards! Everyone is loving it and it is making a positive impact on our school culture."

- Dr. Ann Finney-Williams

Assistant Principal
Pinevale Elementary School
"The PBIS Reward system has positively transformed my classroom. My students work hard to earn their points and have downloaded the student app so that they can monitor what they have accumulated. Some of my hardest behavior challenges have turned into major success stories because they are motivated by PBIS Rewards. Thank you for creating this program and helping teachers and students thrive!"

- Rachel Sanchez

English Language Arts Teacher
North Oaks Middle School
"Our high school has tried many different tools to help reinforce positive behaviors, with varying degrees of success. We starting using the PBIS Rewards Incentives software in our classrooms and it has been lifesaver. Our kids are excited to know how many points they have accumulated, love to buy items in our store, and appreciate being positively recognized in a quick, easy, and meaningful way."

- Kristine Eichholz

AIS First Avenue High School

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PBIS Rewards Pricing

Affordable PBIS program recognition for every student in your school, from any device.




per student

  • Just $1.50 / student
  • Plus $500 base fee

* Pricing is per school year *


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