Teacher Incentives

Just like incentives are a great way to engage students and create excitement for your PBIS program, incentives for teachers are a great way to encourage buy-in from your staff and nurture the fidelity of your PBIS program. Everyone loves to be recognized for the good things that they do, and your staff is no exception. Our list of Teacher Incentives is designed to give your staff the feel-good boost they need, while keeping your budget in check.

teacher incentives list

Incentives are categorized by:

  • Price: our estimate of your school’s cost
  • Category: Recognition, Privilege, and Tangible
  • Value: one trophy represents an incentive that can be easily earned in one to two weeks; two trophies, a grading period; three trophies, half the school year or more

To view additional information and a long description of each PBIS Incentive, just click the next to the Reward title. What better way to recognize the great things your staff is doing than by rewarding them, just like you do your students?

The Ultimate List of Teacher Incentives

“Principal” decision Teacher/Staff member can make a school wide decision, like next spirit day, field day activities, etc.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
$1 donation to favorite charity Teacher chooses what charity they want to donate $1 to and gets a shout out on the PA. Donation is made in the teacher's name.Price: InexpensiveCategory: RecognitionValue:
$5 donation to favorite charity Teacher chooses what charity they want to donate $5 to and gets a shout out on the PA. Donation is made in the teacher's name.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: RecognitionValue:
Admin cover class for a period Administration covers teacher's choice of period.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Admission to “Relaxation Room” Create a space in your building with comfortable chairs, soft lighting, music, snacks, and reading materials. Staff earns admission during plan or lunch time.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Alumni swag College banner from teacher's alma mater to hang in classroom.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
B & N gift card Barnes & Noble (or other bookstore) gift card.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Bath & Body Works basket Basket of assorted small items from Bath & Body Works.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Bath & Body Works item Small item from Bath & Body Works.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Bouquet of flowers Cheerful bouquet of flowers.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Breakfast treat Teacher receives small breakfast treat (muffin, donut, bagel and cream cheese, etc.).Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Bulletin board Assistant or admin puts up bulletin board of teacher's choice.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Candy treat Favorite chocolate bar or candy treat.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Car detailing Teacher's car gets washed and/or vacuumed while parked in the school parking lot during their work day. For an inexpensive option, have admin or students help!Price: $20 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Catered Lunch for individual Teacher may choose and order carry-out lunch, courtesy of administrationPrice: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Catered lunch for team Teacher may choose and order carry-out lunch for their team, courtesy of administration (pizza, foot long sandwich, etc.).Price: $20 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Classroom mini-grant Pre-selected amount $ to spend on classroom needs/supplies.Price: $20 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Coffee chat with admin Coffee chat with admin team or other staff - NO school talk allowed.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Comfy chair at faculty meeting Teacher/staff get to sit in the comfy chair during a faculty meeting.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Cookie/Brownie mix Cookie or Brownie Mix and mixing spoon, tied with a cute ribbon.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Coverage for dismissal duty Teacher gets coverage for dismissal duty. Especially good for a cold or rainy day!Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Donuts for class Donuts for the class, on a day of teacher's choosing.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Door decorated Classroom door decorated by assistant or admin.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Dunk tank for admin Staff members purchase tickets for a chance to dunk their favorite admin.Price: $20 or MoreCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Facebook post Teacher recognized in Facebook post on school page.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: RecognitionValue:
Faculty meeting pass Get Out Free card for faculty meeting.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Favorite book donation to library Teacher can choose a book with a personalized bookplate saying "Chosen by:" or "Donated by" with their name for the school library.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: RecognitionValue:
Favorite coffee or tea Gourmet coffee or tea.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Favorite team jersey day Teacher may wear favorite team jersey on day of their choice.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Flip flop day Wear your favorite and most comfortable, flip flops to school.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Framed class photo Photo of class in frame for desk.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Fun magazines Assorted magazines tied together with a ribbon.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Gas card Gift card to fill up!Price: $20 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Gourmet cupcake Gourmet cupcake from local bakery.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Green plant for classroom Potted green plant for classroom.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Groupon gift card Groupon gift card to indulge in their favorite deal.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:   Submitted by: Josie Streiff, Georga
Handwritten note from admin Handwritten note of thanks and appreciation.Price: InexpensiveCategory: RecognitionValue:
Insulated tumbler Average price when bought in bulk, $1.00 per item.Price: BulkCategory: TangibleValue:
iTunes gift card Gift card to download favorite music.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Jean day Teacher may wear jeans on school day of their choice.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Jewelry Small piece of jewelry - necklace, earrings, bracelet, charm, etc.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Key chain Average price when bought in bulk, $1.50.Price: BulkCategory: TangibleValue:
Lip balm assortment Variety of lip balm.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Lottery tickets Scratch-off lottery tickets.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Movie tickets Gift card for favorite movie theater and snacks.Price: $20 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Mylar Balloon Buddies Once a teacher selects this incentive, this teacher and another teacher of their choice will both receive a mylar balloon in their classroom one morning before they arrive. The second teacher will not know the balloon will be there until they arrive that morning. Include a note with the balloon for the second teacher, to notify them that the gift is complements of the other teacher.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:   Submitted by: Dr. LaMoyne Brunson (Fairview Elementary School - Covington, Georgia)
PD session Admin pays for teacher to attend Professional Development session.Price: $20 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Personalized name plate Personalized name plate for desk or outside classroom door.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Personalized tote bag Average price when bought in bulk, $2.00.Price: BulkCategory: TangibleValue:
Popcorn & movie for class Popcorn and movie party for class on day of teacher's choosing.Price: InexpensiveCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Positive staff notes Admin writes positive notes for a chosen staff member.Price: FreeCategory: RecognitionValue:
Principal’s parking spot Park in the prinicipal's spot for a week.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
School shout-out Teacher recognized as part of school-wide announcements.Price: FreeCategory: RecognitionValue:
School spirit wear item Choice of school spirit wear item.Price: $20 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
School T-Shirt School spirit t-shirt.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Sharpie set Set of colorful Sharpies permanent markers.Price: $20 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Shout-out in school newsletter/social media Shout-out recognition printed in school newsletter or on the school's social media pages.Price: FreeCategory: RecognitionValue:
Spa gift certificate Gift certificate to spa for services (blow-out, manicure, pedicure, massage, etc.).Price: $20 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Staff massage Massage therapist on site to give mini-massages throughout the day. Massage therapy students are a great inexpensive option, and helps them get their required massage hours in!Price: $20 or MoreCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Standing ovation at faculty meeting Everyone stands, claps, and cheers, for teacher shout-out.Price: FreeCategory: RecognitionValue:
Starbucks gift card Starbucks or other coffee shop gift card.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Student/Admin activity Administrators plan an activity (basketball game in gym/extra recess, etc) to allow teachers extra free time.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
Summer fun basket Gift bag or basket with sunscreen, magazines, colorful beach towel, flipflops, sunglasses, etc.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Sunglasses Average price when bought in bulk, $.88Price: BulkCategory: TangibleValue:
Target gift card Gift card to Target or other big-box store.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Teacher emergency kit Gift bag or basket filled with "emergency" items. Necessities include: hair bands, lotion, lip balm. Advil, chocolate, gum, trial sized hairspray, etc.Price: InexpensiveCategory: TangibleValue:
Teacher super hero kit Gift bag/basket filled with items such as, mini cleaner bottle, hand sanitizer, kleenex tissues, mini first aid kit, chocolate hearts, personal note, etc.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Thank You YouTube video Admin or staff members create an appreciation/thank you You Tube video for teacher/staff member.Price: FreeCategory: RecognitionValue:
Ticket to faculty “lottery” Purchase tickets for a raffle with prize of admin's choice.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:
TPT gift card Gift card for Teacher Pay Teachers website.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Treat/Snack of choice for faculty meeting Teacher/Staff member can choose a treat or snack that will be provided for a meeting, courtesy of admin.Price: $5 or MoreCategory: TangibleValue:
Trophy for a week Traveling trophy that teacher can display on their desk or in their classroom for one week.Price: InexpensiveCategory: RecognitionValue:
Volunteer admin for an hour Teacher can cash in assistant or volunteer help from admin for one hour.Price: FreeCategory: PrivilegeValue:

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