Advanced Referral System


The primary purpose of implementing PBIS is to change the climate of our schools so that they are a great place to grow educationally, emotionally, and socially. An important measurement of progress involves tracking office discipline referrals. A school with a poor climate should see a reduction in Office Discipline Referrals as the climate improves. The PBIS Rewards Advanced Referral System gives you a simple and direct view into this and much, much more.

Advanced Referral System Feature and Benefits

Completely Electronic – No paper involved! The referral can be started from the smartphone app, a tablet device or a computer. Simple electronic forms take the drudgery out of the process.

Customizable Infractions List – You can customize the list of infractions to fit your school and environment (e.g., Bullying, Fighting)

Customizable Redirections List – You can customize the list of redirections that teachers are attempting to diffuse situations (e.g., Time Out).

Customizable Motivations List – You can customize the list of student motivations to more accurately reflect what might have been behind the infraction.

Customizable Administrative Actions List – The actions that are taken by the Administrative Staff dealing with the student can be customized (e.g., In-School Suspension, Letter of Apology)

Proxy Submission – Sometimes the staff who is dealing with the problem isn’t in a position to start the referral process. Another staff member can start the form on their behalf so that the Administrative Staff is notified.

Referral Notifications – When a referral is started, the office staff is immediately notified so they have advanced warning that a situation needs attention.

Closed-Loop View – The staff responsible for the referral will see what action was taken by the Administrative Staff.

360 Degree View – Administrative reports give a clear view on how PBIS Rewards is working and how it relates to office referrals on a teacher-by-teacher basis. Your PBIS Program Lead will have great data to help provide feedback to teachers, helping them to see how adherence to PBIS principles makes a difference by reducing their office referrals.

PBIS Rewards’ Advanced Referral System gives you a clearer view on the progress your PBIS program is making and gives you teacher-by-teacher and student-by-student data to help you make improvements.

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