Save Time and Reduce Incidents in your PBIS Program

PBIS Rewards is a school-wide PBIS management solution. Recognize any student, anywhere.

What is PBIS Rewards?

PBIS Rewards is an easy-to-use solution that was developed to simplify school-wide PBIS management. The desktop portal and suite of PBIS Apps make it encourage PBIS program participation and encourage fidelity. With our Teacher App you can easily recognize a student for their positive behavior and points are automatically added to their digital account by scanning a barcode or QR code. Point totals are automatically tracked and measurements are reported in the convenient web portal. The points are always available to review and redeem. Easy!

With the Web Portal you can:

  • View reports and assess your PBIS implementation and success
  • Manage classroom and group rewards with the click of a mouse
  • Implement a school-wide incentives program

With the Mobile Apps you can:

  • Easily award points to a student’s account by scanning their barcode or QR code
  • Automatically track point totals and get rid of the mountains of paper
  • Review and redeem points at any time

Our PBIS Apps are available on Google Play, Apple, and Amazon App Stores.

Google Play App Store Amazon App Store

Imagine what that would be like for your staff and students.

  • No more tedious paper tokens for your staff and volunteers to cut out.
  • No worries about students losing tokens.
  • No need to count tokens to redeem them for rewards.
  • Easy, at-a-glance review of data for schools, right down to individual classrooms and groups.

How much time and stress would that eliminate?

If making your PBIS program easier to use sounds appealing, you’ll love PBIS Rewards! Now you can reward, track, and redeem points easily, in the classroom or on the fly, with a host of features designed to make reinforcing positive behavior a snap. If you’ve been searching for a way to make your PBIS program run more smoothly, PBIS Rewards can make it a reality!

"Our students were excited to start the PBIS Rewards program when they received their name tags and lanyards. They ask daily how many points they have earned to stay focused on meeting their reward goal. It is such a joy to watch these children as they line up for lunch with excitement at the end of the week. We have had less discipline referrals since we started this program! It has been a great asset for our class."

- Frances Ford

7th Grade Science Teacher
West Hall Middle School