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Recognize Positive Behavior

Staff members can recognize positive student behavior from anywhere in the school using our mobile app, or from the convenience of their desks using the web portal.

We really do make administering your PBIS program easy. PBIS Rewards is designed to simplify the effort in recognizing behavior, so your staff can spend more time teaching. It is designed specifically around the PBIS framework. Want to learn more about the PBIS framework? Please read our what is PBIS resource.

Recognize Positive Behavior on our Mobile App

  1. Select the expectation and number of points
  2. Scan the student's badge OR search for the student by name
  3. See the results instantly
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  • PBIS Rewards
  • PBIS Rewards

Recognize Positive Behavior on our Desktop Portal

  1. Organize your classes into groups
  2. Select the expectation and number of points
  3. Give points to one, some, or all of the students, and see the results instantly

Redeeming Rewards

With PBIS Rewards you will never have to manually track store inventories or student purchases again!

PBIS Rewards has an integrated school store functionality, event management platform, and raffles. These tools make maintaining your token economy a breeze. Staff members can personalize the experience for their students. Individual teacher stores can be set up so the teachers can provide rewards in their classrooms.

Redeeming Rewards - PBIS Rewards



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School & Teacher Stores

  1. Shop by adding items into the cart and checkout
  2. Purchase the items for your students and points are instantly updated to reflect the purchase
    1. Adjust quantities in your cart and the integrated inventory system automatically adjusts your on-hand quantities
    2. Redeem now or redeem later if the student wants to save that homework pass for another time
    3. Rewards can also be redeemed from the mobile app which means the store is open wherever you are
  3. Personalize with the ability to create individual teacher stores.
  • PBIS Rewards
  • PBIS Rewards


  1. Easily register and track who is attending an event
  2. Events can be set up to deduct student points, like a purchase from the store, or to qualify students based on points earned in a grading period or year
Reporting Activity/Progress - PBIS Rewards

Reporting Activity/Progress

PBIS Rewards provides many reports to allow administrators to view staff utilization and student progress. Each student’s points are automatically tracked and viewable in the mobile app and the desktop portal. Your staff will be able to view their own activity, while admins will be able to dig deeper into program fidelity and student activity.

Students and Families

PBIS works best when students know why they’re being recognized, and when families are involved. We have created a student portal on the desktop and mobile PBIS Rewards apps for both students and families. Students love to see their point totals grow, and to think about which rewards they’ll get with their points. Families enjoy seeing their student’s progress, and are alerted when a referral is given.

We’ve added push notifications to the family App so teachers can inform families of upcoming class and school events. Teachers can also send notifications to individual family members for more specific information related to their student.

Students and Families - PBIS Rewards

PBIS Rewards Advanced Features

Behavior Referral System

Behavior Referral System

Our Behavior Referral System (BRS) shares all of the advantages of the rest of PBIS Rewards – it eliminates paperwork, can be utilized anywhere in the school with the mobile App, and tracks all aspects of referrals automatically. Schools love this convenience. If the situation arises when a referral is necessary, BRS allows you to document the situation on the spot. After you submit the referral, you can see how the office responded from your desktop portal. Staff members will be able to see all minor referrals for a student so that when it is time to roll up to a major referral, that is easy too.



With the Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) system for students in PBIS Rewards, you can easily manage and track the CICO progress for those students and eliminate the headaches that come with paper CICO intervention forms. The Check-In/Check-Out PBIS Rewards add-on gives you a clear view on the progress of your Tier II PBIS initiative. Because it’s digital, CICO is easier for your staff and students. The data generated will help your CICO PBIS initiative operate more efficiently, enabling students to progress back into Tier I.

Teacher Rewards

Teacher Rewards

Teachers deserve all the recognition they get and more. We have a way that you can give them more. Teacher Rewards works in a similar manner to how students receive recognition and redeem points. The school can set certain expectations and point values for those expectations, then recognize those throughout the year. The school sets up a Teacher Rewards store, and staff members shop the store with their points. This is a great way to give staff a few extra perks they deserve.

SEL/Status Check

SEL/Status Check

Social and emotional growth is every bit as important as academic achievement. Our SEL/Status Check feature enables teachers to check and track social and emotional learning on a student-by-student basis. With customizable SEL/Status settings, drilldown reports, and notifications, you can identify students who may need extra attention. Students can use the Student Self SEL/Status Check option in the PBIS Rewards Student App to record their social and emotional states, as well. Your staff can use system data to check in with under-the-radar students, determine which students are high-risk, and help students develop appropriate emotional maturity and self-awareness.

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