benefits of student id badges

The Benefits of Student ID Badges

The student ID card has long been a staple on college campuses across the country, providing not only identification but also access to campus amenities. But student ID badges aren’t just for college kids. Some large high schools use student ID badges, as well, to help in the supervision of a large student body. Other school systems begin in Pre-K and continue to use them all the way through middle school and into high school.

The Benefits of Student ID Badges

Increasingly, in the adult world, the workplace requires ID badges for all employees. Many schools already require their teachers and staff to wear an ID badge while on campus. Extending the use of ID badges to students is a logical next step. Schools choosing to provide student ID badges can receive a number of benefits:

Enhanced School Security

  • Identify students, staff members, and visitors
  • Know at a glance if someone is on campus who doesn’t belong there
  • Track attendance by using ID badges to check in/out of the classroom
  • Track student movement by using ID badges to check into the nurse’s office, guidance counselor, etc.

Fostering Personal Connections

  • Encourage students and staff to learn names
  • Build self-esteem by calling students by name
  • Keep students from feeling “invisible”

Streamline Day-to-Day Operations

  • Tie into systems already in place
  • Improve lunch line times by having students use their ID badge instead of keying a lunch number
  • Check out books in the library
  • Gain entrance to extracurricular events

Community Involvement

  • Encourage local businesses to provide student discounts for presenting ID badge
  • Provide merit points to students volunteering with community organizations
  • Tie student ID badges in with local public libraries to allow students to check out books

Student ID badges can be a powerful force within the school setting. For most students, this is their first experience with a personal ID. Learning how to navigate society using a personal ID has far-reaching effects. Keeping track of their ID badge and protecting the information it contains are among the first lessons a student learns. This is a lesson that will follow them beyond the school walls and into adulthood.

Using Badges with PBIS Rewards

Automating your school’s PBIS system could be the key to an improved school climate. If your students are already using badges with barcodes or QR codes, you have a built-in system to use with PBIS Rewards. Scan the code with a smartphone and you can award points quickly and easily.

No badges? That’s OK. PBIS Rewards can help your school to create badges for use with our system. Once you have student ID badges, the possibilities are endless. Improve campus security, classroom behavior, and school climate by using student ID badges and PBIS Rewards!

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