Simplify Your Positive Behaviour (PBIS) Program with PBIS Rewards!

Simplify Your
Positive Behaviour Program!

With PBIS Rewards You Will:

  • Eliminate the burden of paper tickets, tokens, and paws on your Positive Behaviour program.
  • Manage your points, store, events, raffles, discipline withdrawals (referrals), and more – All from one system.
  • Create program consistency across your entire school.
  • Streamline student recognition in a fun way while gaining instruction time.

  • Teach financial literacy with goal setting and other features for your students.
  • Get real-time access to PBIS program data for tracking and reporting.
  • Recognise any student anywhere with our suite of Apps and Web Portal.
  • Save time and money with a digital token economy.


We have saved time on several levels. We no longer need to produce and print off tickets, or collect, collate and record them because PBIS Rewards does it for us, instantly! And within the first six months of using the PBIS Rewards, we found that our frequency of Office Discipline Referrals had reduced by almost half. I can’t recommend it highly enough!


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Simplify Your

Positive Behaviour Program

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Hannah Carlan - PBIS Rewards Review

"The data the we get in PBIS Rewards has been very helpful. I can get a sense of where the school is going, identify and monitor behavior patterns, and it promotes accountability. The system has helped cultivate a common language and consistency throughout the entire school. Our team is really empowered to think about what we CAN DO because of the improved culture. Thank you PBIS Rewards!"


- Hannah Carlan, School Counselor
Rockingham Middle School

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