Teacher Rewards

teacher rewards with pbis rewards

Do you know who loves rewards as much as students do? Teachers! Everyone loves being recognized for doing a good job, and teachers are no exception. You know that a PBIS program can work in your school, but teacher buy-in is critical to your program’s success. Our Teacher Rewards add-on is a tangible way to help your staff experience PBIS Rewards for themselves – helping you to get all of your staff on board with your PBIS program!

So what can you do with Teacher Rewards?

  • Give Teachers Points just like Students!
  • Have a special Teacher Store! (And we have a big list of Teacher Incentives that help you get started without breaking the bank!)
  • Control who can give points to staff and who can earn points!
  • Track teacher purchases electronically and receive admin email notifications for fulfillment.

What can Teachers do?

  • See their point totals just like the students do!
  • Redeem their points in the Teacher Store!

Get all of your staff behind your PBIS program by recognizing them just like you recognize your students – because everyone loves to be recognized and everyone loves being rewarded!

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